Utah Imagineering - custom electronic design

Utah Imagineering has been involved with a variety of projects.
  • Generator controllers
  • Conveyor speed sensing
  • Fractional HP motor controls both custom and PLC based
  • telecom
  • XBEE interfaces
  • Amusement park special effects
  • Arcade games
  • Building Automation
  • High current / low voltage power supply design
  • Video and photography interfaces

Samples of some product designs

    Automotive Fuse Tester                                                Camera  Intervalometer

                                                                   Air Ball Game Control System


Arcade Game hardware and Software                              Building Automation Controls

           Building Automation Controls                                                        Building Temperature Controls                                        

                     RJ45 Breakout                         Infrared Relay Control                          XBee  PIC-BEE